Education & Training at Drishti Eye Institute

Drishti Eye Institute is considered as one of the premier ophthalmic treatment, research and education. One of the hallmarks of a quality eyecare provider is its commitment to State-of-The-Art technology. The goal is to train Ophthalmologists who have recently completed residency/MD/MS/Post Graduate through intensive training and to impart skills in advance diagnosis and management.

Fellowship / Observership in Refractive Surgery

Duration -

       Fellowship Program

  • Short Term: 6 month
  • Long Term: 1 Year

Observership Program

  • 7 Days / 30 Days

Fellowship Details

  • Hands on training on Advanced diagnostics including Topography / Pentacam, ASOCT, I-Trace aberrometry, Dry Eye Diagnostics, Keratoconus Clinic etc.
  • Exposure to all Refractive surgeries including ReLEx SMILE, Contoura Vision, Topoguided LASIK, Trans PRK, Femto LASIK, MK LASIK, Phakic Lens, ICLs etc.​

Qualification: MS / DNB/ DO in Ophthalmology from a reputed University or Institute.

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