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New Revolution in Retinal OCT (OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY) Angiography

OCT    This equipment is used to visualize each of the retinas distinctive layers. We can perform retina scanning, diagnose macula disease, and diagnose diseases in optical disc.

     It Helps to diagnose Glaucoma, intervention in Diabetic Retinopathy, early signs of Age Related Retinal  Macular Degeneration and Keratoconus using Epithelial thickness mapping.

    Advanced Features

  •  3D, Highest Resolution Imaging of smaller blood vessels in full details.
  •  Retinal Angiography without dye injection.
  •  No Dilation drips required.
  •  Quick and easy imaging.
  •  Non Invasive.


It is a technique for examining the circulation of the retina and choroid (parts of the fundus) using a fluorescent dye and a specialized camera. Sodium fluorescein is added into the systemic circulation, the retina is illuminated with blue light at a wavelength of 490 nanometers, and an angiogram is obtained by photographing the fluorescent green light that is emitted by the dye.It identifies leakage in blood vessels.It is use to diagnose prolifrative and non-proliferatve diabetic retinopathy

Advanced Features

  • Colour, red-free, fluorescein standard
  • ICG, autoflourescence optional
  • 20, 35, 50 angles of coverage
  • Easy to use touch screen control panel
  • Easy focusing system with split focus bars
  • Can be used with a wide range of digital cameras
  • IMAGEnet i-base connection


        This equipment is used to visualize retinal blood vessels with the help of fluorescent. We do not  have  to inject the dye to the patient. But, to identify the exact point of leakage Indocyanin green dye is injected. The dye makes the blood vessels white and the blood appears black in color. Thus, the doctor is able to identify the leakage is from which vessel.

    Product Features

  • TruTrack™ active eye tracking: actively follows the patient’s eye during the scan, minimizing motion artifact.
  • It combines multiple scans taken at the same location and eliminates noise from the image.
  • Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope: for high resolution fundus imaging.
  • BluePeak™ with RegionFinder™: to monitor RPE health in conditions such as AMD and hydroxychloroquine administration.
  • Five (5) imaging modes: infrared (IR), BluePeak™ blue laser autofluorescence, blue reflectance (BR) (this mode is sometimes referred to as red-free), fluorescein angiography (FA) and ICG angiography (ICGA).
  • Movie image capture: for high speed video angiography.
  • Optional non-contact ultra-widefield angiography: offers evenly illuminated, undistorted, high contrast images in the far periphery.
  • Fundus image field of view: from 15° up to 150° with optional lenses.
  • Network ready: remote image review and optional EHR/PACS interface.
  • Upgradable: the following additional imaging modes can be added to this system: Spectral Domain OCT.

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