FAQS - SQUINT (Strabismus)

1. Is Squinting of eye (deviation of eye) always present at time of birth?

Ans: Squinting of eye can be present at birth but some cases of squint do appear after 6 month of age or in preschool children.

2. Do all squint cases need operation for correction?

Ans: Some squints are corrected by only glass use and some requires glasses followed by squint surgery. Squint in adults usually always requires surgery.

3. Can we wait for child to become older for ocular examination?

Ans: Presence of squint can be detected by Pediatric Ophthalmologist even in early age so if you have any doubt that child has squint you should get your child’s eye check up done as early as possible.

4. Does squint suggests good luck and therefore should not be corrected?

Ans: No. Squint needs treatment as soon as possible.

5. What will happen if we don’t treat squint?

Ans: Squinting of eye will lead to development of amblyopia or lazy eye. The vision of the squinted eye will be lesser than normal eye and if not treated in childhood will lead to permanent decrease vision in that eye.

6. What is patching treatment?

Ans: Patching of the normal eye is done to improve vision in squinted (lazy eye) so that during time period the squinted eye will work more and therefore help in improving vision of the squinted eye.

7. What are early signs of squinting of eye?

Ans:  Inability to open eye in sunlight, rubbing of eyes, squint appearing when child is tired or in illness, deviated eye can be visible when you click child’s picture, headache, and double vision in older children.

8. When should I bring the perfectly looking child for eye examination?

Ans: First eye examination should be done within 3 years of age but you see any signs (mentioned in ans 7) you should bring the child for examination as soon as possible.

9. Will squint surgery affect my child’s vision?

Ans: No

10. Will squint surgery remove glass number of the eyes?

Ans: No

.11. What is success rate of squint surgery?

Ans: Squint surgery has 80 to 90% success rate and very rarely needs second surgery.

12. What precautions should we take after squint surgery?

Ans: Apart from eye cleaning you will have put eye drops in operated eye. May have to take oral medication to relieve pain and vomiting.