Drishti Foundation


Charitable Initiatives:
* Free surgeries for identified patients through the Drishti Foundation charity wing.
* Subsidized/free treatment for underprivileged/BPL children.
* Free eye screening camps for underprivileged patients in remote areas.
Social and Outreach Activities:
* Annual Walkathons/Cyclathons in March for Glaucoma awareness.
* Eye donation promotion during National Eye Donation Fortnight.
School Screening Camp:
* Regular school screening camps conducted with assistance from our pediatric wing and in collaboration with NGOs like Rotary Club, Gokuldam society, etc.

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Drishti Eye Centre was established in 1996, with a vision to fulfill the need for a super specialty eye care services with cost-effective which suits every pocket.

Drishti Eye Institute, with more than 25 years of experience in providing advanced Eye Care Treatment & Technology at par with the best facilities available anywhere in the world.

‘Drishti Foundation’ was founded with the purpose of giving back to the society by Dr MC Luthra, Chairman, Drishti Eye Institute in 2013 Under the society Act of 1860.

Dr MC Luthra who has served so many people and touched so many lives in his career with ONGC for decades.

Dr MC Luthra must have easily organized over 200 free eye treatment camps and charitable cataract surgeries running into thousands sponsored by ONGC, Rotary Club, IMA and other NGOs.

ONGC has always supported Dr Luthra’s initiatives, and helped bring a lot of new technology and equipment into the organization, especially after he helped set up the state of the art Eye department at ONGC Hospital.

Charitable Activities: 

Drishti Foundation also has a charity center at Astley Hall, where the objective is to help poor patients with expert consultation and advanced treatments which they cannot afford. Where the minimum fee of Rs 50 is charged, this clinic works Monday – Saturday.

Social and Outreach activities:

Pediatric Ophthalmology treatments under  the  banner of Drishti Foundation.Pediatric Ophthalmologists focuses on various diseases and visual development in new born infant to teenagers.

One of the main focus of Drishti Foundation is to preserve, restore eye health that of children by promoting awareness camps and to motivate school institutions health practioners and public at large.

Drishti does it by organizing free screening camps at schools and providing required help from a specs to providing a surgery, School screening program is one of the main cause where the team organizes Free Eye screening camps for students.

Drishti foundation frequently organizes screening camps in the remote areas of the state. We also organize awareness activities such as Walkathons for Glaucoma and Cataract where the objective is to spread the message to look out for early signs of Glaucoma and other irreversible eye diseases which can lead to blindness and the importance of annual eye screening with timely management of the disease.

Also, Drishti Foundations organizes free Glaucoma, Cataract and Retinopathy screenings at the Drishti Charity center at Astley Hall and conduct free camps and provide surgeries if diagnosed with any.

We also organize screening camps in schools, educational & training programmes.

Drishti Foundation has been doing Charity work from time to time.

So far, Drishti Foundations have conducted 5-6 awareness and diabetic retinopathy detection camps and walks since the past three years. 

Drishti Foundation supports patients who cannot afford the latest treatments people who are marginalized and resides in not so developed region like Vikas Nagar, Doiwala, etc where there are no eye care centers available. 

Drishti Foundation is not only limiting their support to Free Eye Screening camps and consultation but also provides patients advanced eye care and surgeries like Glaucoma and cataract is absolutely free of cost.

School Screening Camp:

One of the big projects that the foundation has been undertaking is the  School Screening program doing is dispensing eye care to children and pediatric surgery in aiming almost all the schools in Dehradun region. There are many marginalized families who're children require expert consultation and immediate attention to preserve their vision, these children are given timely support and hundred percent free treatments. Some of the foundation’s beneficiary organizations have been Bal Vanita Ashram, Him Jyoti School and Saheli Trust. Drishti Foundation also holds regular glaucoma awareness programmes where highly trained Team of Doctors and senior Optometrists visit local areas set a ‘Free screening camp’ after evaluation and consultations diagnosed patients who need immediate attention are further treated in Drishti Eye Clinic with all the advanced diagnosing tools and if required a free eye surgery like Glaucoma and Cataract is scheduled free of cost by the Drishti Foundation.

If you would like to contribute your support to Drishti Foundation in helping the needy with their Eye treatments, you can contribute as little as Rs 500 per surgery and help people someone from marginalized financial background see better.

To support give us a call on 8755150900 or donate on Drishti Foundation

The Donations made to Drishti Foundation are exempt from Tax Section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide registration no AABAD4127HF20229 dated 10-03-2022. The registration is valid from 01-04-2021 to 31-03-2024