LASIK surgery for correction of weak eyesight has been popular since the 1990’s with more than 30 million procedures performed worldwide as of 2010. It is the most frequently performed elective procedure on any part of the human body. LASIK has been proven to be safe and reliable over time and millions of eyes treated. We specialize in LASIK eye surgery and Laser treatment for other eye related problems too.

You’re probably a candidate for LASIK if : 

  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  •  Have had stable vision for the past one year
  •  Have corneas of adequate thickness as measured by Corneal Pachymetry and normal shape (determined by Corneal Topography).
  •  Be free from complicating eye diseases (assessed individually).
  •  Be free from systemic illnesses.
  •  Not be pregnant or nursing.
  •  Be off contact lenses for minimum one week.