Safety Tips to Ensure a Happy Diwali

Diwali or Deepawali is a festival of lights, fun, joy and togetherness, celebrating the victory of good over evil. Foreworks are popular with children and adults alike on the occasion of Diwali, however, they can be very dangerous for the eyes often leading to sight threatening injuries.

A majority of eye injuries occur with bystanders and onlookers. In fact, eyes are the second-most common affected area after hands and fingers. Lack of precautions while lighting firecrackers leads to an exponential increase in burns & injuries. The following measures are vital to observe during this festival:

Do’s & Don’ts

§  Don’t rub or scratch your eyes, if it is affected.

§  Wash your eyes, face and hands well, after fireworks.

§  If a splinter hurts your eye during fireworks don’t attempt to remove it. Keep eyes closed and go to an eye doctor.

§  Fireworks by children should always be done under the supervision of elders.

§  Follow instructions printed on firecrackers, especially, if it is new to you.

§  Wear protective eyewear during fireworks to prevent eye injury.

§  Always wear protective footwear.

§  Don’t wear a frilly dress which hangs loose. Opt for well-fitting cotton clothes that covers the maximum part of your body.

§  If the noise of crackers is deafening, put cotton plugs in your ears.

§  Avoid tampering with a firecracker, if it takes longer to burst. Instead pour water to diffuse.

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