Priyanka fulfills her Dreams by over coming her vision problems.

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When you are young, ambitious, free spirited and you have so much to achieve in life like getting a decent Job, being independent, travel the world and finally getting married. Imagine’ your vision problem gets your confidence level in vain and you rethink all what you always wanted to do and achieve gets drained because you have to wear thick glasses which has become hurdle in physically achieving something or the society doubts your personality with glasses, in getting good marriage proposals.

Such is the story of Priyanka (name changed), a studious, young, ambitious girl who always wanted to achieve her dreams. Priyanka, frustrated and depressed with -26 powers came to us when all other eye centers denied her vision correction surgery. Our expert team of Doctors after careful deliberation planned to do Bioptics in which a combination of Phakic Lens with Laser correction is done to correct powers upto -28.

Wherein first of all Phakic ICL was done through which up to -20 powers was corrected then after 3 months LASIK was done to correct the remaining power and now she is 6/9 without glasses.

Priyanka’s happiness can be seen clearly by her beautiful smile she has, confident and excited for her newly improved vision and life, she also shared that within few days of surgery her family was approached for nice marriage proposal by a very suitable family.

Everybody goes through these situations in their lives, sooner or later. It’s just a question of willpower and not backing down. Now she is happily married and leading a much satisfying life than before. She was so Thankful to Drishti that she could not hold her tears thanking Dr Gaurav who brought a new light back to her life.

The story of Priyanka has been one from many such stories where men and women have changed their course of lives by undergoing treatments at Drishti.


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