Baby Rohan gets his vision at Drishti

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Two months old Rohan (name changed) was born blind due to cataract in both eyes and his parent were really worried about their child because they were in extreme financial crisis and could not afford the surgery in a good hospital, still they (parents) started to see several doctors who told them that the surgery was not possible as the chances for recovery were not favorable.

Later someone advised them to visit Drishti Eye Institute as they also specialize(have a department) in Pediatric eye care. After the detailed Retina examination of the baby, the parents were told that the surgery is possible under extreme anesthetic care as the Cataract surgery is really complicated in the new born and the risk of complication is very high.

Team Drishti successfully operated the baby on 21st May 2018, under general anesthesia which was very critical for the new born but the team work done by Dr Shashank Gandhe & Dr Chattarpal was really appreciable and it was a success.

Rohan’s parents were really very happy & they hope to have their child’s life will get better in days to come; and now he won’t be dependent on anyone. The Doctor’s team was lead by Dr Gaurav Luthra, Sr. Cataract & Refractive Surgeon. Giving sight to a little baby is one of the most satisfying tasks as he has a full life ahead to cherish the vision.

Drishti foundation established by Dr M C Luthra as a charitable trust to help the underprivileged people who cannot afford quality eye care treatments and are dependent on others for their daily needs. Drishti Foundation partially supported the poor family so that the child won’t be left untreated because of financial issue and we could give a new healthy & bright future to the baby.

Next surgery will be planned soon and proper eye check up’s will be required for the new born till he grows up for a safe & healthy lifestyle.

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