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Drishti Eye Centre was established in 1994 , with a vision to fulfill the need for super specialty eye care services in Dehradun region.

Drishti Eye Institute, with more than 23 years of experience is rendering advanced Eye Care Treatment & Technology at par with the best the facilities available anywhere in the world, building Drishti and Dehradun a hub for medical tourism.



Dr. Gaurav Luthra Interview with HNN

Miracles of modern cataract (मोतिया) surgery

One day after Laser Surgery for Cataract with new Panoptix lens implant this young man who could not even see his fingers till yesterday can now read the smallest last line on the distance and near charts without glasses. Perfect 6/6 vision at all distances without glasses was a dream just few years back for cataract patients

News & Events

  • Drishti Foundation Holds Eye-checkup Camp
    Dehradun – A free eye checkup camp was organized at Gurudwara Poanta Sahib by Drishti Foundation, Dehradun and Rotary E-Club Doon. According to the event organizers, more than 300 poor patient’s eyes were examined by the eye specialists of Drishti Eye Institute, Dehradun. The camp started in the morning and concluded in the afternoon with visitors being provided with the organizers facilitating examination, counseling and distribution of free medicines for the camp patients. Among the doctors present for the camp were Drishti group chairman Dr MC Luthra, Dr Gaurav Luthra, Dr Neelam Verma and others.

  • Drishti conducted Free Diabetic Retinopathy camp

    Drishti Eye Institute on Sunday 30th July 2017 conducted a ‘Free Diabetic Retinopathy’ Screening camp for persons suffering from diabetes.

    The camp started in the morning from 10 am at Drishti eye institute. More than100 Diabetic patient’s eyes were screened and 15 patients were detected with Diabetic retinopathy by Retina specialist of Drishti Eye Institute.
    Due to lack of awareness in eye diseases and poor affordability, many patients are unable to get the right treatment on time.

    Drishti Eye Institute regularly organizes various camps & programs for patients suffering from eye diseases. In this camp also Drishti’s Retina specialists have detected 15 diabetic retinopathy patients and were able to save their vision by giving the right treatment on time.

    Diabetic Retinopathy is an eye condition triggered by diabetes, leading to vision threatening damage to the retina. People with both diabetes and high blood pressure are even more likely to be affected by this disorder.
    According to Dr Saurabh Luthra, Director & Senior Retina Consultant, Drishti Eye Institute, “Absence of any early symptoms of this potentially blinding disease makes its screening even more imperative, helping in timely diagnosis and treatment.”

    Among the doctors present for the camp were Dr MC Luthra, chairman Drishti group, Dr Saurabh Luthra, Director & Senior Retina Consultant, Dr Mrinal Shankar, Dr Aditya Bansal .They were assisted by a team of optometrists from Drishti Eye Institute.

  • ‘ZEPTO’ likely to be a game changer for cataract surgeries, says Dr Luthra

    The surgery that Dr Luthra demonstrated today is the new surgery for cataract which has just been introduced worldwide. It has come to India first and still not available in the US. It was in trials for last 3 years but it was launched only 3 months back after all the approvals

    ‘ZEPTO’ likely to be a game changer for cataract surgeries, says Dr Luthra

    At Bombay Ophthalmologists Association’ FOCUS 2017 Silver Jubilee Conference, Dr Gaurav Luthra, President, Intraocular Implant and Refractive Society of India, was one of the 17 eye surgeons who performed live surgery at Sir JJ Hospital that was relayed at Hyatt Regency, Sahara, Mumbai. He demonstrated a new cataract surgery called ZEPTO.

    “The ZEPTO cataract surgery which I demonstrated today is the new surgery for cataract which has just been introduced worldwide. It has come to India first and still not available in the US. It was in trials for last 3 years but it was launched only 3 months back after all the approvals. It is called ZEPTO cataract surgery. During the live surgery, I demonstrated two things- ZEPTO and a new type of lens which is introduced recently Tridiff,” said Dr Luthra.

    About the surgery, Dr Luthra explained that it is a new innovation for one of the critical step of cataract called capsulorhexis. “When we do cataract surgery, one of the steps which is critical is called capsulorhexis. If you don’t have a perfect capsulorhexis you cannot put the lens properly in the eye and the result will be compromised,” said Dr Luthra.

    Normally capsulrohexis used to be done manually using fine needle, informed Dr Luthra.

     “This machine is able to give perfect rehxis. It has a success rate of 99.9%. There are two aspects of the capsulorhexis with ZEPTO. One is that it gives perfect rhexis and dependability. The other is that it is consistent and gives you 100% surety. The perfect rhexis is stronger than what you can do manually and it is affordable,” said Dr Luthra.

    He further said that laser cataract surgeries can also give a perfect rhexis but is cost prohibitive. “We can make perfect rhexis with laser surgery cataract but everyone can’t afford it. But with the introduction of ZEPTO, the surgery is now affordable. It is likely to be a game changer for all cataract surgeries,” said Dr Luthra. ‘ZEPTO’ likely to be a game changer for cataract surgeries, says Dr Luthra Dr Gaurav Luthra, President, Intraocular Implant and Refractive Society of India

    Talking about the lens he used in the live surgery, Dr Luthra said it is a special lens called Tridiff lens. “Normally, when we put lens in the eye for cataract surgery we use monofocal lenses. With a monofocal lens all you can see is things that are at a distance. But one has to use reading glasses and computer glasses too. So after cataract surgery, people have to use bifocal or trifocal lens, which are not comfortable and many people don’t like it,” said Dr Luthra. He said the whole aim of doing cataract is to give good vision.

    “Now, there are three focuses that is near intermediate and distance. And Tridiff lens has all 3 focuses in it. Which enables people to read, work on a computer and see at a distance without glasses.Tridiff is advanced technology lens made in India and exported worldwide,” said Dr Luthra.

  • “Drishticon-2017” concludes with SMILE live surgery

    Drishti Eye Institute organized its annual Conference, Drishticon 2017 recently. On Saturday, August 26th “IMA Drishticon -2017” was held at Hotel Madhuban for the doctors of Indian Medical Association, Dehradun. The theme for the IMA Drishticon-2017 was “Ophthalmology Update- What’s current? What’s new?”
    Several invited faculty of national repute besides the team of specialists from Drishti interacted with IMA doctors to bring out the latest in ophthalmology for their benefit.
    Sunday’s sessions were for eye surgeons including a “Live Surgery” session on SMILE LASIK.

    During live surgery at Drishti, surgeons interacted with over 100 doctors via direct telecast explaining the benefits of SMILE over Lasik. First surgery was performed by Dr Rupal Shah from Baroda who is the pioneer of SMILE. Other surgeons who performed Live SMILE surgery were Dr Sheetal Brar and Dr Gaurav Luthra, Senior consultant, Drishti Eye Institute.

    Dr Kumar Doctor from Mumbai delivered the Dr M.C Luthra oration on the latest advancements in cataract surgery.


    Drishti Eye Institute organized a Glaucoma Awareness Walkathon, on Sunday 11th March, 2018 under the aegis of Drishti foundation and in association with SJA Alumni Association, Rotary E Club Dehradun 3080 & Rotary Club Dehradun.

    Glaucoma is an eye condition where patients do not realize that they are being affected by the disease until they become either partially or completely blind. "Today we are able to detect Glaucoma at its earliest stage, saving vision of millions people. Regular eye checkups and healthy lifestyle is a must for restricting the disease.” said Dr Neelam Verma, Senior Glaucoma Consultant, Drishti Eye Institute.

    "The Walkathon, an icon event of the World Glaucoma Week, includes- aware citizens, Ophthalmologists, Glaucoma patients and other supporters intending to augment awareness about the vision threatening disorder, Glaucoma.” said Dr Gaurav Luthra, Director, Drishti Eye Institute.

    Every year similar walks are scheduled worldwide to beat ignorance against Glaucoma. "Glaucoma (Kala Motia) is the second commonest cause for blindness worldwide. In India alone, the estimated number of glaucoma patients is over 12 million. People over 40 years of age, with family history of glaucoma, diabetes or high blood pressure are at a greater risk of developing glaucoma." explained Dr Saurabh Luthra, Senior Consultant and Director at Drishti Eye Institute, Dehradun.

    The walk originated from Drishti Eye Institute, from its premises at 9.00 AM on 11th March, 2018. It was flagged off by the IG Uttarakhand police Mr Amit Sinha and Dr M.C Luthra, Chairman, Drishti Eye Institute.

    Besides the walk, Drishti Eye Institute is also running a special free Glaucoma screening camp, from 11th-17th March, 2018 at Drishti Eye Institute, 16, Subhash Road, Astley Hall, Dehradun from morning 9 to 10 AM every day.

    Dr M.S Sekhon, Dr Mrinal Shankar, Dr Akansha Mehrotra , Dr Priyanshi Multani and Dr Gyanendra V Singh were also present on the occasion.

  • Drishti Observes Gandhi Jayanti by donating Blood

    The staff members including doctors of Drishti Eye Institute came together for a cause on Gandhi Jayanti by donating blood at St Joseph’s Academy.
    Almost 35 employees of the eye hospital volunteered for the noble exercise.

    Among the donors were Dr Gaurav and Dr Saurabh Luthra, both are ex-Josephites.

    Blood donation is not only a superior cause but it has other benefits as it lowers the risk of ailments like Heart diseases and Cancer. Beside this, a complementary health examination in terms of blood pressure, hemoglobin levels etc is done as well.
    The staff was in high spirits to contribute their bit for the camp.


    The walk originated from Drishti Eye Institute at 9.00 AM on 17th  March, 2019.
    It was flagged off by Mr. Ashok Kumar, DG (Law & Order), Uttarakhand Police. Over 200 persons including Rotarians, Doctors, SJA Alumni members and Glaucoma patients joined the walk. Other dignitaries who represented their organizations at the Walkathon included Dr Sanjay Goyal, President, IMA and its Secretary, Dr Vijay Tyagi, members of Dehradun Ophthalmological Society, Harinder Juneja, President, Rotary E Club Doon 3080, Mr Randheer Arora, President, SJA Alumni Association, Dr Anugya Agrawal, Dr Gyanendra Singh and Dr M S Sekhon among others.t for the occasion was  Shri Ashok Kumar DG Uttarakhand Police. More than 200 people participated in the event.


  • Uttaraeyecon-2017 Concludes Successfully at Haridwar

    Uttara Eyecon- 2017, the 14th annual conference of Uttarakhand State Ophthalmological Society (UKSOS) concluded successfully at Hotel Radisson Blu Haridwar on Sunday 17th of September.

    The 3 day conference had almost 250 doctor delegates from Uttarakhand and surrounding states besides 40 renowned faculty from all over the country participating in scientific deliberations and wetlabs.

    The annual meeting of all eye surgeons of Uttarakhand was inaugurated by Shri Madan Kaushik, Cabinet minister for Urban Planning, Uttarakhand, while Dr Jagat Ram, Director of PGI Chandigarh, was the Guest of
    Honour for the occasion.

    Dr C Shekhar Grover was installed as the new President of the Society while Dr Gaurav Luthra was appointed as the Honorary General Secretary.

    The prestigious Dr M C Luthra, Gold Medal for best paper presentation 2017 was won by Dr Deepak Mishra, while the Dr Satanshu Mathur Best Video Award was won by Dr R P Singh.

    Scientific sessions on Laser Refractive Surgery, including latest advancements on removal of glasses through (SMILE) laser surgery, Retina surgery, Laser surgery for Cataract, Glaucoma and Diabetic retinopathy were the
    centre of attraction.

    More than 200 papers were presented on various topics such as refractive surgery, cataract and retina surgery.

    Noted speakers emphasised on various issues such as importance of eye donation and guidelines on prevention of loss of vision from Glaucoma (Kala Motia).

    Dr Gaurav Luthra, Honorable General Secretary, UKSOS,said that "The Conference was a huge success with a total attendance of over 300 participants including a large trade delegation contributing their share towards eye healthcare services in Uttarakhand."

  • Drishti is happy to announce the instalation of the World's Fastest & North India's First and only WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser Built for Speed and Superb Outcome from Alcon USA available in India only at Bangalore , Chennai and now in Dehradun only at Drishti Eye Centre.
    Now Emplaneled for CGHS

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