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Drishti Eye Centre was established in 1994, with a vision to fulfill the need for super specialty eye care services in Dehradun region.

Drishti Eye Institute, with more than 24 years of experience is rendering advanced Eye Care Treatment & Technology at par with the best the facilities available anywhere in the world, building Drishti and Dehradun a hub for medical tourism.

It attracts patients from India and abroad making it a leading tertiary care referral eye hospital of North India.

Drishti persistent efforts over the years, to provide latest treatment in eye care under one roof, saved patient’s valuable time from travelling to metro cities for expert eye care treatments.


Dr Gaurav Luthra on his passion for recording and teaching eye surgery



Our Services

Today Drishti Eye Centre is considered one of the worlds’ premier ophthalmic treatment, research and education centers. One of the hallmarks of a quality eye care provider is its commitment to State-of-The-Art technology.


LASIK is a quick and effective procedure to reduce one's dependence on glasses or contacts by correcting the refractive. Read more...

Retina & Uvea Service

Retina is the neurosensory layer of the eye that is present inside and at the back of the eye. It is on this layer that an image seen. Read more...

Cataract Surgery

TorSional Phacoemulsification with Infiniti Vision System is the most advanced Phacoemulsification technology. Read more...

Glaucoma Services

Glaucoma (kala motia) is the most common cause of irreversible blindness, asymptomatic until advanced stages. Read more...

Lazy Eye

Infants must have an eye examination during their first 12 months of life. Choose a time when he or she is usually alert. Read more...

Squint Service

​The adjustment of the muscles of the eye to correctly align the eyes is the most common eye operation performed in children. Read more

Paediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric ophthalmologists focus on the development of the visual system and the various diseases that disrupt visual. Read more...

Cornea Services

Corneal eye disease is one of the leading cause for avoidable blindness and it effects more than 10 Million people world wide after Cataract. Read more...

Oculoplastic Service

Most of us care how we look and how we feel. We use proper nutrition and exercise to enhance our health, appearance. Read more...

Our Empanelments

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